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Obtain a Swiss Work Visa

Obtain a Swiss Work Visa

Foreign citizens from EU and non-EU countries can move to Switzerland by starting a business or by applying for a work visa. The types of residence permits issued by the Swiss authorities depend on immigration reasons which is why a foreign national must pay attention to this aspect.

In this article, our immigration lawyers in Switzerland explain the steps and application procedures associated with applying for a work visa in the case of EU and non-EU citizens. If you have any questions related to the procedure of obtaining a Switzerland work visa, our specialists can answer them.

The work visa comes with a residence permit in Switzerland.

Steps for obtaining a work visa in Switzerland

We must first mention that in terms of residence and work visas, there is not a great difference between those issued for EU and non-EU nationals. The steps to be completed when applying for a Switzerland work visa are:

  1. finding a job with a Swiss company which must rely on an employment contract;
  2. completing the employment visa documents with the Swiss authorities;
  3. filing for the residence permit – this step is completed by the employer in Switzerland;
  4. applying for the work visa – this is the last step and is completed by the applicant in his/her home country.

If you find the procedure of obtaining an employment visa not very easy to complete, our lawyers can help you immigrate to Switzerland by handling the process on your behalf. The Switzerland work visa requires a lot of attention when applied for and our lawyers can help you. We can also help you apply for Switzerland citizenship.

For many years, foreign nationals have found living and working in Switzerland to be appealing. This country outperforms its size in terms of standard of living, well-being, and a wide range of other economic and other measures. If you decide to move to Switzerland, you can obtain detailed information about the steps to follow from our lawyers.

Requirements for applying for a Switzerland work visa

Depending on the nationality of the applicant, it is important to respect the requirements imposed by the Swiss authorities on those who want to obtain employment permits. First of all, the EU and EEA nationals are not required to obtain such a document for the first 3 months or 90 days of employment. After this period, the Switzerland work visa becomes mandatory.

For non-EU and non-EEA nationals, on the other hand, the visa application procedure must be completed before arriving in Switzerland. A non-EU/EFTA citizen who arrives and wants to apply for a residence permit in Switzerland frequently has to wait a lot longer than EU/EFTA nationals. Cantonal authorities frequently require up to several months to process applications, according to our immigration specialists, so if you need support, feel free to contact us.

The following visas are issued to foreign citizens coming to work in Switzerland:

  • the L permit which is issued for a period of staying in the country for less than a year;
  • the B permit which is issued for a duration of more than one year;
  • the G permit which is issued to foreign nationals commuting to Switzerland from neighboring countries.

It should be noted that for the citizens of some EU countries special requirements or exemptions apply which is why if you are interested in relocating here we recommend you discuss the particularities of your case with our immigration lawyer in Switzerland. Apart from the Switzerland work visa, we can also help you obtain other types of residence permits.

Do not hesitate to ask our support if you want to apply for a residence permit in Switzerland. The process of applying for a B Permit for Switzerland is different for citizens from within the EU/EFTA and for those from outside them. Those who are traveling to Switzerland from an EU/EFTA nation with the intention of staying for more than three months must apply for a Swiss residence permit within 14 days of their arrival.

Qualifications for obtaining a work visa in Switzerland

When seeking to move to Switzerland and obtain a work visa, a foreign citizen is subject to various requirements. Among these, having the necessary qualifications and experience for the job he or she has applied for is crucial. Then, the person must have a good knowledge of the official language of the canton one will live in. Switzerland has 4 official languages.

Our lawyers can offer detailed information on the requirements related to applying for a Switzerland work visa for both EU and non-EU citizens. You can rely on us no matter the country you are from and want to immigrate and apply for Switzerland citizenship by investment.

Documents required to obtain a Swiss work visa

Foreign citizens who want to apply for a Switzerland work visa must consider submitting the following documents:

  • the valid passport;
  • a copy of the employment contract;
  • information about the Swiss company to work in;
  • proof of qualifications (university degree).

These documents must be filed with the Swiss Embassy in the applicant’s home country. Depending on the country of residence of the applicant, other document requirements can apply when seeking to obtain a Switzerland work visa, followed by permanent residency.

The length of time you have resided in Switzerland is the first requirement you must be able to meet in order to be qualified for a permanent residence visa (also known as a settlement permit). Here, this is also known as the C permit for Switzerland. If you need information on the requirements to meet in order to qualify for it, you can address our immigration lawyers.

If you are interested in immigration in Switzerland with the purpose of obtaining a work visa, you can rely on our lawyers for assistance in this process.

Special requirements when applying for a Switzerland work visa

Switzerland is not a member of the European Union which is why special conditions apply to those moving here for residency or work purposes. Among these requirements are specific quotas that apply to nationals of certain countries.

The following quotas and conditions are imposed by the authorities in Switzerland for those applying for work visas:

  • for British citizens the new quota after the UK left the EU is set at 3,500 permits per year;
  • 8,500 L permits per year are available for citizens of non-EU countries;
  • starting with May 31st, 2019, Bulgarian and Romanian citizens can move to Switzerland based on L permits freely;
  • Croatian citizens must be in the possession of a work visa before the first day of employment, even if the labor contract was signed for a period of 3 months.

For complete information on how to apply for a Switzerland work visa and assistance in obtaining it, please contact our immigration lawyer.  You can rely on us for assistance related to the procedures for immigration to Switzerland.