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Obtain Spouse Visa in Switzerland

Obtain Spouse Visa in Switzerland

Bringing family members to Switzerland requires both EU and non-EU citizens to complete a set of formalities. For example, if you want to obtain a spouse visa in Switzerland, the B permit is the main type of visa your foreign spouse must file for.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Switzerland explain how to apply for a B permit for your spouse. We offer complete support in relocating here with your family, including in drafting the necessary documents for obtaining residency.

The B permit in Switzerland for a spouse

The B permit is the equivalent of a temporary residence permit in other European countries and must be obtained by both EU and non-EU citizens. The same type of visa must also be applied for if you decide to obtain a spouse visa in Switzerland.

If you are not married but still want to bring your significant other to join you, it is possible to apply for a partner visa in Switzerland.

With the help of our immigration law firm in Switzerland, moving here will become a formality as our specialists will offer all the help you need for a stress-free relocation.

Moving to Switzerland can be easy, especially when you have the necessary qualifications. Employment, business and family ties are among the reasons you can use to relocate here. However, you need to choose carefully your option, as each has different requirements that must be met.

Are there any special requirements to obtain a spouse visa in Switzerland?

There are certain conditions to meet if you want to bring a close family member such as your spouse to Switzerland. You need to submit the necessary documents that indicate your relationship with the immigration authorities.

Here are the main documents to draft if you want to obtain a spouse visa in Switzerland:

  • the marriage certificate is the most important document when it comes to bringing your wife or husband here (the documents must be translated into one of the Swiss official languages and apostilled);
  • the passport and residence permit of the spouse settled in Switzerland;
  • the passport of the spouse joining the Swiss resident;
  • proof of accommodation in Switzerland, as well as proof of self-sufficiency for the Swiss resident and the spouse joining him/her.

You should note that the Swiss spouse visa processing time ranges between 8 and 12 weeks. The lack of documents is what usually delays the process of obtaining a Swiss B permit for the spouse. This is why we recommend using our immigration services to keep this time to a minimum.

With respect to the unmarried partner visa in Switzerland, slightly different requirements apply in terms of documents.

Obtaining a residence permit for Switzerland implies going through various steps, among which meeting specific eligibility criteria. If you need information on how to make sure you respect them, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration lawyers who can also assist with drafting the papers.

Employment is one of the ways through which it is highly likely to secure a B permit for Switzerland. It can be obtained by both EU and non-EU citizens who must first find jobs or better said be offered jobs by Swiss companies. In most cases, the employer starts the immigration procedure.

Settling in Switzerland as a spouse of a resident

The first thing after arriving in Switzerland is to apply for a B permit as a spouse. This is a temporary residence permit that will allow you to stay and work here. If you live here for 5 years, you will be able to apply for a C permit, which is the equivalent of permanent residency.

If you want to apply for a partner visa in Switzerland, you can use our services in drafting the necessary documents, especially since you need to submit evidence of your relationship with your foreign partner.

In order to qualify for a C permit for Switzerland, an EU citizen must live here for a minimum period of 5 years. During this time, he or she is allowed to leave the country temporarily, but without exceeding the timeframe allowed under the law. If you need information on this aspect, contact our lawyers.

How to obtain an unmarried partner visa in Switzerland

If you cannot obtain a spouse visa in Switzerland as you are not married to your partner, you can still apply for a visa to bring him or her here provided that you submit evidence of your relationship. Photographs, proof of being in contact all the time, as well as an interview with the immigration authorities may be requested in such cases.

As for the costs related to living in Switzerland, here are the main highlights:

  • the minimum rent per month starts at 1,200 CHF;
  • the basic utilities costs can cost you around 212 CHF for a medium-sized apartment;
  • if you want to purchase a home, the minimum price per square meter is about 5,000 CHF.

If you decide to apply and obtain a spouse visa in Switzerland, contact us!