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Moving to Switzerland from US

Moving to Switzerland from US

Switzerland offers many possibilities for foreign citizens interested in moving here. No matter if they plan on immigrating to Switzerland for employment or business purposes, citizens from all over the world can find a suitable visa based on their reasons.

US citizens can move to Switzerland by meeting the requirements imposed under this country’s immigration laws and policies. Below, we explain the main types of visas when moving to Switzerland from US is possible. We are a dedicated team of lawyers who can help US citizens immigrate and obtain a residence permit in Switzerland on a temporary or permanent basis.

Visas for moving to Switzerland from the USA

US citizens traveling or moving to Switzerland from US for short periods of stay benefit from the facility of not being required to apply for a visa. All they need is their valid passports. The no visa requirement applies if the stay is no longer than 3 months. Any period exceeding 3 months falls under the incidence of one of the following visas:

  • non-immigrant visas which are issued for temporary stays which exceed the 90 days period, among which study and work are often met;
  • long-term visas for those who are interested in permanent residence in Switzerland.

Depending on the main reason the US citizen has, he or she can apply for any of these types of visas when immigrating to this country. Our immigration lawyer in Switzerland can help with the paperwork that needs to be prepared and filed before coming here. It is good to know that Switzerland has representations and consular offices in several US states, thus easing the visa application procedures.

If you have any questions about the residence permit in Switzerland, please ask us.

Residence permits when moving to Switzerland from US

As mentioned above, moving to Switzerland from US requires applying for a temporary or long-term residence permit. There are several such types of visas and the main difference between them is related to renewability. The L and B permits are the two most important short-term residence permits, however, only the B visa is issued for one year and can be renewed.

The C permit is obtained based on a B permit and is known as the settlement residence visa as it allows US citizens to permanently move to Switzerland. Citizens of the United States benefit from similar rights as European citizens and must live in Switzerland for 5 continuous years in order to obtain permanent residency here.

Even if there are other types of visas available for citizens coming outside the EU, including the US, the residence permits presented above are the most sought.

Those who want to immigrate to Switzerland can obtain guidance on the steps related to applying for all categories of visas. We can also advise on Switzerland citizenship.

Documents related to immigrating to Switzerland from the USA

There are various documents that need to be prepared and filed with the Swiss embassy or consulate when emigrating from the USA. The documents must be prepared in accordance with the immigration purpose and usually consist of:

  1. the application form (there are different forms depending on the requested visa);
  2. the valid passport and two recent passport-sized photographs of the applicant;
  3. health insurance is required no matter if the duration of the stay is short or long;
  4. proof of self-sustenance is also required for those coming for short stays in Switzerland;
  5. other documents based on the type of visa to obtain (job offer, proof of enrollment with a Swiss education facility, etc.).

It should be noted that US citizens can move to Switzerland for business and retirement reasons, provided that they meet the financial requirements to sustain themselves and their families. These two options are also suitable means to permanent residency or Switzerland citizenship for applicants and close family members in this country.

Our immigration lawyer in Switzerland can assist US citizens interested in relocating here throughout the entire visa application procedure.

What to do after moving to Switzerland

After moving to Switzerland from US, the successful candidate must register with the local Residents Registration Office within 14 days from the arrival date. Then, one should also register for health insurance and taxation and even open a bank account with a Swiss bank.

Speaking about taxation, it is important to note that foreign citizens must register with the Federal Tax Administration Office and must consider the following aspects:

  • the taxation of individuals in Switzerland is based on progressive levies ranging from 0% to 8%;
  • the lowest income for which the 0% personal income applies is 28,300 CHF per year;
  • in cantons where the employment income exceeds 120,000 CHF the taxpayer must file a tax return;
  • Swiss tax residents must file tax returns between the 15th and 31st of March depending on the canton they live in.

For assistance in moving to Switzerland from US, please contact our immigration lawyer.