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Moving to Switzerland from Canada

Moving to Switzerland from Canada

Switzerland is a very attractive country from an economic point of view, which is one of the main reasons for foreign persons from all over the world to be interested in moving here. There are several formalities that need to be completed upon immigration to Switzerland for both EU and non-EU citizens.

Switzerland is not interesting only for European citizens, but also for North American ones, among which Canadian citizens. Those who are interested in moving to Switzerland from Canada must go through several procedures, however, they also benefit from several advantages.

Below, we invite you to read about how to immigrate to Switzerland from Canada. With the help of our immigration lawyer in Switzerland, the procedures can be completed without any interruption.

Visa exemptions when moving to Switzerland from Canada

Canada and the USA benefit from special conditions for short stay periods in Switzerland. Specifically, if you plan on immigrating to Switzerland from Canada or the USA, you will not need a visa if you stay for less than 90 days or 3 months. Other than that, the regular visa requirements apply.

Our immigration lawyer in Switzerland can help you file the documents required for short stays when coming from Canada. The residence permit in Switzerland can be obtained with our help.

How simply is it to gain a Swiss residence permit? If you want to know the answer to this question or if you have others, contact us. Our immigration lawyers can help you understand all the requirements associated with moving here, so if you decide, you can make an informed choice with great chances of success.

One of the conditions to obtain a B permit for Switzerland is having sufficient funds to support one’s stay here for the minimum validity period obtained with the visa. This is a requirement if the applicant has come here by other means than employment. Contact us for information on this option.

Long-term residency in Switzerland when relocating from Canada

Once a person decided to immigrate to Switzerland from Canada for longer periods of time, he or she will need to apply for one of the following visas:

  1. the study visa for students who are enrolled with Swiss accredited universities or other educational facilities;
  2. the work visa which is issued for those who have obtained a labor contract with a local company. The process is more difficult if you are a non-European citizen looking for a work permit. Prior to traveling to Switzerland, you must first acquire employment here. If you succeed, you become eligible for a work visa which is associated with a temporary residence permit. This is also called the B Permit in Switzerland.
  3. the family reunification visa is another way for Canadian citizens to move to Switzerland if they have a family member living here. While the process of reunification is simpler for citizens of the EU and EFTA countries, a spouse or kid is typically permitted to move to Switzerland to live with a member of their family under specific circumstances. If this applies to you, you can discuss the rules for citizens of the EU/EFTA and of third countries to secure a residence permit in Switzerland with our specialists.
  4. the Youth Mobility Program which allows a Canadian citizen to work in Switzerland.

If you are interested in immigration to Switzerland and are planning on moving here from Canada, we can help you apply for the desired visa, including a Swiss golden visa.

One of the advantages of obtaining a Swiss C permit is that you can qualify to buy a property here. The real estate market is quite developed allowing to purchase various types of apartments and homes in various cantons. Contact us for details on how to move to Switzerland as soon as possible.

The Youth Mobility Program for those who want to move to Switzerland from Canada

We will focus on the Youth Mobility Program, as it is one of the simplest ways for moving to Switzerland from Canada for work purposes. There are several criteria to meet when choosing to immigrate to Switzerland under this program and they include:

  • the applicant must be a Canadian citizen;
  • he or she must be aged 18 to 35;
  • the person must have a Canadian valid passport and a permanent address in Canada at the time of the application.

In order to be accepted into the program, a Canadian citizen must have a job or an internship offer before applying for the visa. Also, the offer must be related to the field of expertise, respectively the studies of the applicant. Canadian citizens can also use their work visas to obtain residency in Switzerland.

A Canadian citizen is allowed to participate in this program twice, as long as the duration of each stay in Switzerland is less than 18 months. For one stay, the duration of the visa is a maximum of 12 months.

Our immigration lawyer in Switzerland can offer detailed information on relocation here from Canada under the Youth Mobility Program.

We can also help foreign nationals of other countries move to Switzerland. An application for a C Permit for Switzerland can be made by Americans and Canadians after five years of continuous residency, as the two countries have agreements with Switzerland in this sense. If you want to relocate here from the USA or Canada, you can rely on our immigration lawyers.

If you are interested in Switzerland citizenship as a Canadian national, we can provide all the information.

Document preparation for moving to Switzerland from Canada

Depending on the immigration reason and the type of visa one will apply for when relocating to Switzerland from Canada, there are various documents that need to be prepared and filed with the Swiss embassy or consulate in Canada. Among these are:

  • a valid passport;
  • the employment contract, if moving here based on a labor agreement;
  • the job offer, if moving to Switzerland from Canada based on the Youth Mobility Program;
  • proof of accommodation and insurance, when seeking to relocate for long periods;
  • proof of residency of family members when moving here for family reunification purposes.

Our immigration lawyer in Switzerland can help with the preparation of the documents associated with the reason for relocation. We can also assist with other expat services, in accordance with the needs of those who want to immigrate to Switzerland from Canada.

If you want to immigrate and apply for Switzerland citizenship and need assistance, our specialists can provide it.

Switzerland and Canada – economic relations

Switzerland is one of the most important business centers in the world and in Europe, which is one of the reasons many Canadian citizens relocate here. From an economic point of view, the Swiss Government has issued the following data on the relations with Canada:

  • Canada is Switzerland’s 2nd largest trading partner on both American continents;
  • Switzerland is one of Canada’s largest investors with a total of 31 billion CHF capital investments at the end of 2018;
  • in 2019, Switzerland imported goods with a total value of 1,2 billion CHF;
  • it also exported goods worth 4,4 billion CHF to Canada.

For assistance in moving to Switzerland from Canada, please contact us. We can help you obtain a residence permit in Switzerland as soon as possible.