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Moving to Switzerland from Australia

Moving to Switzerland from Australia

Even if it is located in Europe, Switzerland is not a member of the European Union and this implies all foreign nationals to apply for visas when traveling or moving here. This is also the case of citizens who want to move to Switzerland from Australia.

Depending on the reason one has to immigrate to Switzerland, there are several types of residence permits that can be obtained, among which the temporary and permanent ones are usually requested.

 Quick Facts 
 Visa issuing authority  State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). 

Australians need a visa to move to Switzerland 

 No need for short stays, but visits exceeding 90 days require a visa. 

Types of visas available  

– Type C (short-term visas);

– types D (long-term visas). 

Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.) 8-10 weeks.  
Validity of L residence permit  

 1 year. 

Validity of B residence permit  

5 years.  

Swiss C permit eligibility  

Australians who have resided in Switzerland for a duration ranging from 5 to 10 years are the only ones qualified to apply for a C (settlement) permit. 

Possible to renew residence permits (Yes/No) 

Yes, if you meet certain criteria.  

Swiss investor visa 

If you are moving to Switzerland from Australia on an investor visa, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship after 12 years.  

Startup visa scheme availability (Yes/No) Yes, it is available.  
Sponsorship requirement 

 Swiss consulate might ask for a declaration of sponsorship. If you are relocating to Switzerland from Australia, our lawyers can guide you if you need one. 

Time frame for obtaining citizenship  

If you hold a C permit and lived in Switzerland for 10 years, you might be eligible to apply for naturalization.  

Tax benefits for foreign citizens  

Switzerland offers over 100 potential tax deductions, ranging from widely applicable ones to those applicable only in specific situations. 

Taxation of Australian citizens  

 Switzerland has a double tax treaty with Australia. So, if you are immigrating to Switzerland from Australia, you do not need to worry about double taxation. The maximum charged income tax in Switzerland is 13.20%. 

Currency  Swiss franc  

Below, our immigration lawyer in Switzerland explains the requirements for moving here. Also, if you plan on relocating to Switzerland from Australia, you can rely on our immigration services.

Visas available from moving to Switzerland from Australia

Even if Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, it is located in the Schengen area which gives Australian citizens several options for immigrating here. This way, when moving to Switzerland from Australia, one can apply for any of the following visas:

  1. L residence permits which are issued for short stays of no more than 12 months;
  2. B residence permits which are issued for limited stay, however, their validity can reach up to 5 years. Whether you are from the EU/EFTA or not, you must apply for a B Permit in Switzerland if you want to stay in this country for more than three months. You have 14 days after entering Switzerland to submit an application for a residence permit. You must first register at the Residents Registration Office before making arrangements to pick up your residence permit from the canton’s migration office.
  3. C residence permits which are the equivalent of permanent residence permits and are issued after 5 years of living in Switzerland;
  4. Schengen visas, among which the D or National Visa is the most suitable for those who want to immigrate to Switzerland from Australia for more than 3 months.

With tailored assistance that can be offered by our immigration lawyer in Switzerland, relocating here from Australia can be easier. Due to the significant distance, we advise Australian citizens to start immigration procedures as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Once you are certain that you will be relocating to Switzerland, there is a lengthy administrative to-do list that you must complete. After all, moving to a new country is always a hassle, and Switzerland is no exception in this regard. This is why, if you need support in applying for a residence permit in Switzerland, it is advisable to use our specialized services.

The general impression is that Switzerland is a pretty closed up county in terms of immigration. This happens because the authorities want to allow only people with great skills and talent to move here. So, if you are among them, feel free to contact us and ask for assistance in applying for a residence permit in Switzerland.

The Swiss B permit can be obtained if you have signed a work contract with a minimum validity of one year. In order to make sure you meet the requirements, you can first address our lawyer who will verify your status and then proceed with the application and relocation to Switzerland as soon as possible.

Documents for immigrating to Switzerland from Australia

When moving to Switzerland, particular documents must be considered, no matter the nationality of the applicant. This is also available in the case of Australian citizens who must prepare the immigration dossier in accordance with the purpose of relocation.

There are many reasons to relocate to Switzerland from Australia, however, most citizens of this country immigrate to this European destination for business, employment, or studies. This means, that for each case-specific documents for relocation are required.

If for business purposes, the documents that need to be prepared should be related to the creation of a company, when it comes to employment, there are specific details that need to be observed. For example, Switzerland imposes employment quotas for candidates from foreign states, and every year, these quotas are modified. This is why we advise you to discuss with our immigration lawyer in Switzerland who can verify and provide updated information for the current year.

Then, there are young foreign nationals who want to study with prestigious Swiss universities, and if you are one of them and are considering moving to Switzerland from Australia for this purpose, our specialists can help you. It is important for you to obtain a letter of acceptance from the university you want to attend in order to support your visa application.

Business is one of the ways through which you can apply for a C permit for Switzerland. Launching a company in this country is not difficult, while the possibilities are numerous. You can contact our immigration lawyers for guidance in applying for this type of visa for permanent relocation.

Assistance in moving to Switzerland from Australia

As mentioned earlier, moving from such a distant country to Switzerland cannot be easy, which is why aside from our immigration services, we also offer another type of support which usually targets the relocation procedure. We can advise on the lease or rental agreements, registration with the Swiss tax authorities and other agencies you might need representation with.

As you might already know, Switzerland is made of several cantons, and each has local regulations you will need to respect. Helping you get acquainted with these rules is also part of our expat services in Switzerland. Also, should you need any information about customs regulations when relocating to Switzerland from Australia, do not hesitate to ask our lawyers.

We can also help foreign nationals from other countries who are interested in immigration to Switzerland. We can also guide you through applying for a golden visa for Switzerland for permanent residency purposes.

Even non-EU/EFTA citizens may in specific circumstances be granted a Swiss permanent residency visa within 5 years. For instance, if you are the partner or child (aged 12 to 18) of a Swiss national who holds a permanent residence permit. Thus, in situations involving family reunion, one can become eligible for a C Permit for Switzerland.

Economic relations between Switzerland and Australia

Trading relations between Switzerland and Australia are quite important, the two countries cooperating for a long time. These relations also date way back in the 1800s when around 1,000 Australian citizens immigrated and obtained residency in Switzerland.

Nowadays, these relations have led to:

  • the creation of the Swiss Australian Academic Network (SAAN) which has more than 650 members;
  • the creation of the Swiss Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) which has more than 250 members;
  • Switzerland ranking 5th in terms of foreign direct investors in Australia in 2011.

For assistance in immigrating to Switzerland from Australia, please contact our immigration lawyers.