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Immigrate to Switzerland from Ukraine

Immigrate to Switzerland from Ukraine

Switzerland has always been known for its neutrality, however, when the conflict in Ukraine broke out, the government has showed and still shows solidarity with those fleeing their own country. For this purpose, the S visa or protection status can be obtained by those who move to Switzerland from Ukraine for a minimum period of one year.

It is also possible to immigrate to Switzerland from Ukraine through the normal visa procedures, considering the local regulations. If you want to come here and need support, our immigration lawyers in Switzerland are at your service. We will help you verify your situation and apply for the appropriate type of residence permit.

Entering Switzerland without a passport

One of the exceptional measures taken by the Swiss government is to allow Ukrainian citizens to enter the country without valid passports or other biometric travel documents. However, for Ukrainian citizens coming from states outside the Schengen Area, the usual requirements apply. Please be advised when seeking to relocate to Switzerland from Ukraine about the conditions that apply to your situation.

Another important aspect to consider is that S visa holders can travel to Ukraine and return to Switzerland for maximum of 15 days if they do not want to lose their protected status.

If possible, do not hesitate to get in touch with our immigration law firm in Switzerland for updated information on the S protection status.

If you are planning to move to Switzerland, you can rely on our immigration specialists. They can support your application for a wide variety of visas, including long-term residence permits. These have the advantage of allowing to obtain permanent residency in Switzerland after a period of time.

While it is true that immigration rules in Switzerland are a little difficult, you can rely on specialized support to move here. Our specialists are at your service with advice and support in obtaining a residence permit in Switzerland. Feel free to get in touch with us for personalized services.

Citizens in EU states can qualify for Swiss B permits with extended validity of 5 years. Based on the means of relocation, extensions are possible for one year and up to another 5 years, thus leading to permanent residency. Contact us for details on the specifics of this type of visa for Switzerland.

How to immigrate to Switzerland from Ukraine through regular visas

At the moment, the Swiss Embassy in Kyiv is closed, and the closest embassy Ukrainian citizens can contact in the one in Bucharest, Romania. Through it, one can obtain:

  • a Schengen visa that has a validity of 6 months, however, it enables one to travel to Switzerland multiple times, with each visit not exceeding 3 months;
  • the national Swiss visa that has a validity of 6 months and allows one stay that can exceed 90 days or 3 months;
  • work permits can also be obtained, and the minimum validity period for such a document can be of 2 years.

The usual time to obtain a visa for Switzerland is about 15 working days, however, the procedure can also take longer, while a work permit is issued in one to 3 months.

If you decide to move to Switzerland from Ukraine and need advice on choosing a type of residence permit, feel free to address our immigration specialists. Each permit comes with its requirements, which is why specialized support is recommended. For example, the national visa or the D-type visa is issued at the discretion of cantonal migration offices.

Our immigration lawyers are at your service if you want to apply for a Swiss C permit. Get in touch with us for support in drafting the documents and file them with the immigration authorities. Our lawyers will offer a personalized approach to every case in order to increase the chances of success.

Integration of Ukrainian citizens in Switzerland

Apart from allowing those who immigrate to Switzerland from Ukraine as refugees, another special measure taken by the government is to enable them to take employment immediately. They can also become sole trader without having to apply for the specific visas. However, in the case of employees, one must first wait for the employer to apply for the Swiss work permit.

If you have any questions on how you can relocate to Switzerland from Ukraine, our immigration lawyer is at your service with information about the requirements applicable at the cantonal level.

Switzerland has welcomed around 57,000 Ukrainian refugees

According to information offered by the government, Switzerland has welcomed approximately 57,000 refugees between the end of February and the middle of June 2022, as follows:

  • 31,000 of them are of employment age;
  • Zurich was the canton to issue most of the work permits until now, 256, and was followed by Aargau with 201 permits issued;
  • Bern and Thurgau issued 144, respectively 140 work visas for Ukrainians.

Contact us for support if you have just decided to immigrate to Switzerland from Ukraine!