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Immigrate to Switzerland from New Zealand

Immigrate to Switzerland from New Zealand

Our legal team specializes in facilitating immigration to Switzerland from New Zealand, leveraging the bilateral visa waiver agreement signed between the two countries. Under this agreement, individuals holding New Zealand passports are entitled to stay in Switzerland for a period of up to 90 days without requiring a visa.

Our immigration lawyers in Switzerland can assist you by navigating the intricacies of Swiss immigration laws, ensuring that your application meets all necessary requirements, and representing your interests throughout the process. Whether you are seeking temporary residency or looking to establish permanent residency in Switzerland, our experienced team is equipped to provide tailored legal guidance and support to help you achieve your immigration goals smoothly and efficiently.

Visas to relocate to Switzerland from New Zealand

Immigrating to Switzerland from New Zealand is predominantly driven by motives such as employment opportunities, educational pursuits, or reunification with family members or spouses. Consequently, individuals intending to relocate to Switzerland from New Zealand must initiate the visa application process pertinent to their specific circumstances. These are the general visa types you can apply for if you are interested in moving to Switzerland from New Zealand:

  1. The Switzerland work visa addresses to immigrants seeking employment opportunities as salaried workers within the country. Typically, applicants are required to secure a job offer from a Swiss employer prior to commencing the visa application process. If you are planning to immigrate to Switzerland from New Zealand, our lawyers can help.
  2. The Switzerland student visa is tailored for foreign nationals who have gained admission to a Swiss educational institution. Before applying for this visa, applicants must obtain a certificate of enrollment from their respective educational institution.
  3. For individuals seeking to reunite with family members (spouse or parent) who are permanent residents or citizens of Switzerland, the Switzerland family reunion visa serves as the appropriate avenue for immigration. Our Swiss lawyers can offer assistance if you want to immigrate to Switzerland from New Zealand on a family reunification visa.
  4. Moreover, the Swiss retirement visa is designated for retired foreigners desiring to relocate to Switzerland, provided they possess sufficient financial resources to sustain themselves.

Each visa category entails distinct conditions, prerequisites, and limitations, necessitating careful consideration and adherence to the specific requirements outlined for successful visa acquisition. Besides these visas, our lawyers can help you acquire different residency permits.

Once you obtain your Swiss long-stay visa, there is a restricted window for entering Switzerland. Upon arrival, it’s imperative to promptly register at the local Residents Registration Office within a 14-day timeframe to initiate the process for obtaining your residence permit.

Our legal team specializes in facilitating the acquisition of a C permit in Switzerland, offering personalized guidance and support tailored to your individual circumstances. With our assistance, you can pursue long-term residency in Switzerland, ensuring a smooth transition and integration into Swiss society.

Cost of living in Switzerland in 2024

If you are  Moving to Switzerland, please note that this country offers one of the highest standards of living globally, making the investment potentially worthwhile. If you are immigrating to Switzerland, please find the latest cost information below:

Housing expenses:

  • Rent ranges significantly depending on accommodation type, shared rooms in apartments cost approx. ($780) per month;
  • Essential utilities include electricity ($40), water ($70), and internet ($60) per month.

Communication and transportation:

  • Monthly expenses for mobile phone services amount to around $40;
  • Gasoline costs approximately $6.51 per gallon.

Food expenses:

  • On average, monthly grocery expenditures usually total approximately $200.

If you have questions about Switzerland migration, our lawyers can answer your concerns. Furthermore, our legal team specializes in navigating the intricate process of obtaining a B permit in Switzerland, offering tailored assistance to individuals seeking residency in the country. With our expertise in Swiss immigration laws and procedures, we provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the application process.

If you require legal guidance regarding your relocation from New Zealand to Switzerland, do not hesitate to contact us for thorough assistance. Our team of immigration lawyers specializes in navigating the complexities of international relocation, ensuring a smooth transition to Switzerland.