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How to Move to Switzerland from India

How to Move to Switzerland from India

Indian citizens who want to move to Switzerland must first apply for entry visas with the Swiss embassy in New Delhi. Before that, they need to establish the reason for relocation, as based on it they will be granted a short-term residence permit.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Switzerland explain the main pathways through which one can relocate there from India, as well as how to obtain permanent residency, if this is their aim.

How to move to Switzerland from India in a few simple steps

Citizens of India who want to immigrate to Switzerland must follow the steps below:

  1. choose the appropriate reason of relocation;
  2. apply for the entry visa and file for the Swiss B permit which is issued for temporary stay;
  3. apply for a Swiss C permit which is the equivalent of permanent residency.

Please note that there is also an exception to the rule of obtaining an entry visa: it applies to Indian citizens who move to Switzerland from a Schengen country (there are 27 countries in the Schengen zone at the moment, Switzerland included).

If you want to relocate to Switzerland from India directly and as first-time immigrant in Europe, it is recommended to get in touch with our lawyers who can explain the procedure in detail.

Why is it important to choose the correct immigration pathway?

Compared to other European nations which makes it easy for non-EU citizens to move, Switzerland has strict regulations. Here is an example in this sense: if you want to know how to move to Switzerland from India based on employment, you should know that there are limitations on the number of work visas issued every year. Thus, once that limit is reached, you will need to wait another year.

If you are wondering how to immigrate to Switzerland from India and avoid this limit, you can select between:

  • family reunion;
  • retirement;
  • relocation for business reasons.

These pathways are not subject to restrictions. However, with the help of our immigration law firm in Switzerland, you can also move there based on employment, provided you have the necessary skills or relevant experience.

How to apply for a residence permit as an Indian citizen

If you have successfully entered Switzerland, you will need to apply for a B residence permit within 14 days from relocation. The application must be lodged in with the cantonal authority. Since Switzerland has 26 cantons, choosing the appropriate one is important from a taxation point of view.

Our lawyers can offer guidance on this aspect, as well as how to move to Switzerland from India by other means.

For non-EU/EEA citizens, the validity of the B permit is one year, however, it can be renewed. Our Swiss immigration specialists can help you apply for it and renew it in due time, so that you are forced to leave the country.

How to obtain Swiss permanent residence as an Indian citizen

Based on your B permit that must be constantly renewed for 10 years, you will become eligible for a Swiss C permit or permanent residence. The application is not complicated and can be overseen by our specialists.

If you need additional information on how to move to Switzerland from India, our lawyers are at your disposal for complete support.

Living costs in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for having higher living costs compared to other European countries. What does that mean if you relocate here? Here is some information:

  • the average living costs for a family of 4 without rent is about EUR 5,900 or CHF 5,700 per month;
  • for a single person, the average monthly living cost is around EUR 1,600, or CHF 1,550;
  • monthly utility bills average EUR 240 or CHF 230.

If you need assistance in moving to Switzerland from India, contact our immigration lawyers.