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Expat Services in Switzerland

Expat Services in Switzerland

Foreign citizens of EU and non-EU countries are attracted by the living conditions offered by Switzerland, which is why the number of visa applications is quite impressive. However, Switzerland has imposed specific quotas for citizens of both EU and non-EU states who want to immigrate. The number of visas issues depend on the bilateral agreements Switzerland has concluded and those who want to move here are advised to use specific expat services if they want to increase their chances of relocation.

Our immigration lawyers in Switzerland offer tailored expat services to all foreign citizens who are interested in relocating to this country. We can also assist those who want to apply for residency in Switzerland.

The main expat services we provide in Switzerland

If you are planning to move to Switzerland and need help, you can rely on us for the following expat services:

  1. advice on the types of visas you can obtain based on your nationality and specific arrangements between Switzerland and your country;
  2. assistance in legislation matters: we will explain the federal laws, as well as the rules of the canton you will move to;
  3. preparation of the documents for applying for a visa in accordance with the relocation reason;
  4. property rental or purchase assistance and tax and health insurance registration services;
  5. support in renewing immigration papers. When it comes to the renewal of a B Permit in Switzerland, EU and EFTA nationals holding a B permit are allowed to extend their 5-year stay for an additional 5 years. In certain circumstances, such as when the applicant is unemployed against their will, they might only be granted a one-year residence visa. Get in touch with our immigration lawyer for information on this situation.

The expat services provided by our immigration lawyers in Switzerland are offered on a case-to-case basis.

Swiss citizenship by investment assistance is one of the expat services we offer.

Understanding the culture and the reasons why so many individuals find the country to be so alluring before you chose to move to Switzerland is a good idea. Switzerland has some of the highest rankings for both quality of life and standard of living in the world, thus life there is generally convenient and stable.

The Swiss residence permit can be obtained on a short or long-term basis. However, the authorities here also provide for permits that allow commuting from one country to Switzerland, such is the case of many Italian citizens working here. If you are interested in this option, contact us.

If you are considering applying for a Swiss B permit, you can rely on our local lawyers who specialize in immigration. We can assist with the verification of the documents, their filing, and proving status updates. We can also help you exchange this type of permit into another one, if the case requires.

Expat support for EU citizens moving to Switzerland

Switzerland is not an EU member state, which is why it imposes specific requirements for the citizens of these countries. These requirements are usually imposed for each country individually, which is why it is important to let us know your country of origin when asking for our expat support.

We can assist you in applying for the following Swiss visas:

  • temporary residence permits;
  • employment-based residence permits;
  • immigration by business creation. Starting up a business in Switzerland can refer to either acting as a sole proprietor or setting up a business there. In either case, you will require a strong business plan in addition to a ton of additional paperwork in order to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland. Our local specialists can help you in securing a permit this way.
  • long-term residency;
  • permanent residency;
  • Swiss citizenship.

For each of these residence permits, you will need to meet specific criteria, which is where the assistance of our immigration lawyers in Switzerland is critical.

We can provide you with updated information on the immigration quotas imposed on your country, followed by a review of your case and advice on the visas available. Should you immigrate to Switzerland based on employment, we can verify your employer, the labor contract and other details that will help your case.

Immigration to Switzerland as an EU citizen is not complicated, however, thorough preparation will help you obtain the desired visa faster. We can also guide you through the process of obtaining a residence permit in Switzerland.

After residing in Switzerland for five consecutive years, citizens of EU/EFTA countries are eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit. Before they can apply for a C permit for Switzerland, citizens from non-EU/EFTA nations must have lived in Switzerland with a Permit B for ten consecutive years. Our immigration lawyers can offer more information on the duration of living here to qualify for this type of permit.

Immigration support for non-EU citizens in Switzerland

We also offer expat services for non-EU citizens interested in relocating to Switzerland. There are two situations we can advise on:

  • when you are coming directly from your country of origin;
  • when you come from an EU country, therefore based on an EU residence card.

Our lawyers will help you prepare as best as possible, will verify your documents and prepare the immigration file for a successful application. Just like in the case of EU citizens, our immigration lawyers will make sure to first check the quotas imposed for the current year.

As a non-EU citizen, you can obtain similar residence permits as citizens from EU countries and our immigration lawyers will guide you on the documents you need to send us.

If you have any questions about our services or how to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland, do not hesitate to ask our immigration lawyers.

If you are interested in relocating to this country, we can help you. We can also assist if you are in the country and want to apply for a C permit for Switzerland. The procedure is uncomplicated and can be handled by our lawyers who have a lot in experience in dealing with immigration procedures.

Housing services for expats in Switzerland

Once you have successfully applied for the desired Swiss visa, we will advise you on how to find a suitable place to stay. Our housing services imply offering assistance in moving to one of the Swiss cantons by renting or buying a property. We will handle the documents preparation phase and registration with the cantonal authorities.

Apart from these, we will help you register for health insurance and taxation purposes so that you benefit from the outstanding services offered by the authorities in this country.

Should you immigrate to Switzerland with your family, we will also assist with their applications.

Why move to Switzerland?

Even if there is no need to introduce Switzerland as an immigration destination, we will only mention that this is one of the most stable economies in Europe.

In terms of immigration, the Federal Statistics Office reports the following:

  • at the level of 2018, there were 2,148 foreign citizens from all over the world living in Switzerland;
  • out of these, 1,415 were from EU/EFTA countries, with a majority of German citizens (306 persons);
  • Italian and Portuguese citizens came on the 3rd and 4th positions, with 319, respectively 263 immigrants;
  • from outside the EU, there were 165 Asian citizens and 109 citizens from African countries.

If you need expat services in Switzerland, please get in touch with our lawyers. We can provide full services for those who want to move to Switzerland. We can also help you apply for Switzerland citizenship.