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Citizenship by Descent in Switzerland

Citizenship by Descent in Switzerland

Immigration to Switzerland is desired by many people around the world. The lifestyle and advantages of living in one of the most beautiful European countries attract many foreigners interested in working or starting a business here. Provided that these persons live here for sufficient time, they can obtain Swiss citizenship.

There are several ways through which a person can obtain a Swiss passport, however, special conditions must be met. There is also the possibility of acquiring citizenship by descent in Switzerland, however, this is not granted automatically if a person has Swiss parents or other ancestors.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Switzerland explain the most relevant conditions under which Swiss citizenship by descent can be obtained. We encourage you to use our services, no matter the way you want to relocate to this country.

How can a person obtain citizenship in Switzerland?

Just like other countries, Switzerland provides for several ways through which citizenship can be obtained. These are:

  1. citizenship by birth or descent is one of the simplest ways of becoming a Swiss citizen;
  2. citizenship by naturalization is available in Switzerland, however, the conditions are very strict;
  3. citizenship by adoption is also available for persons who were adopted by Swiss citizens;
  4. citizenship by marriage can also be obtained by foreign persons married to Swiss citizens;
  5. Switzerland also grants citizenship to refugees based on specific criteria.

There are also certain exceptions and cases of persons who can obtain Swiss citizenship under special provisions. Our immigration law firm in Switzerland can advise on how to obtain residency or citizenship.

Family reunion is an option for those who have family members here and want to move to Switzerland. However, it is worth noting that currently new regulations have been put in place. These imply having a good knowledge of one of the official languages spoken here, so make sure you meet this requirement first.

If you have decided to move and apply for a Swiss residence permit, our lawyers can take you through the steps you need to complete for successful relocation. We will first advise on the documents to prepare and file, as well as when the time comes to collect your documents from the immigration authorities.

Swiss B permits are issued by cantonal authorities. This means that you must first select the canton you want to live in and then prepare and file your application. You can rely on our immigration lawyers during the entire relocation process in the region of your choosing, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Persons qualifying for citizenship by descent in Switzerland

Compared to other countries, Switzerland does not automatically grant citizenship to a person born here from foreign parents. In other words, only the following persons can be eligible for Swiss citizenship by descent:

  • children born of married parents, where at least one of them is a Swiss citizen;
  • children born of unmarried women who are Swiss citizens;
  • children born of unmarried men who are Swiss citizens and who acknowledge their paternity before the children reach 22 of age;
  • foreign children below 22 years old who have lived in Switzerland at least with their parents but were not included in the naturalization request.

Switzerland also provides for citizenship by renaturalization for persons who lost their Swiss citizenship and can prove their ties to this country.

Obtaining citizenship by descent in Switzerland implies meeting special conditions which can be explained by our lawyers.

How to apply for citizenship by birth in Switzerland

Before starting the citizenship application procedure, you can request our services to see if you meet the eligibility criteria, so that you can benefit from the simplified procedure.

You should know that each canton has its own procedures, which is why you can obtain our entire support to obtain citizenship by descent in Switzerland as soon as possible. The following documents must be filed with the cantonal authorities:

  • your passport;
  • proof of having ties to Switzerland;
  • proof of payment of the application fee;

The application procedure can take up to 12 months, which is why we recommend using tailored immigration services for this purpose.

If you are interested in a C permit for Switzerland, you must live here for a predetermined timeframe. The period depends on your nationality mainly, however, there are also other requirements to meet. If you need advice or specific services for immigrating here, do not hesitate to contact us.

How long does it take to obtain citizenship in Switzerland?

Generally speaking, a person can obtain Swiss citizenship in 10 years, if he or she migrated here based on a residence permit. Fast-track citizenship can be obtained through marriage and by those with at least one Swiss parent.

Obtaining citizenship by descent in Switzerland enters the category of fast-track citizenship application even if you are abroad. In this case, our lawyers can keep you updated on your case.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team if you are interested in relocating to Switzerland. We invite you to watch our video below:

Swiss citizens with foreign origins

According to the Swiss Federal Statistics Office, at the level of 2019, approximately 38% of the people living here based on permanent resident permits had foreign descent. Based on the following data:

  • Switzerland had 7,214 permanent resident permit holders in 2019;
  • out of these, 2,722 persons or 37.7% of their total had a migration background;
  • 2,202 inhabitants or 30.5% of them were the 1st generation of migrants;
  • 520 of them were the 2nd generation of migrants.

If you need information on how to obtain citizenship by descent in Switzerland and want to apply for it, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for personalized immigration services.