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About Our Immigration Lawyers in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the safest countries in Europe and it offers many opportunities for foreigners who want to move here. Because Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, moving here implies complying with a different set of regulations. Moreover, Switzerland imposes various immigration criteria to EU and non-EU citizens. This is where our immigration lawyers can help those seeking to immigrate to Switzerland no matter their country of origin.

Below, we invite you to read about our company, our team, our services and how we can be of help if you want to move to Switzerland.

We come to your help with personalized solutions so that you understand our services are unique, just like our clients.

Tailored immigration services in Switzerland

When you decide to work with an immigration lawyer, be that in Switzerland or any other country, you need to know what you will ask of him or her. In order to help you decide for us, we have put together a list with all our services, with the mention that they will all target your immigration goal.

Here are the services provided by our team for those who want to immigrate to Switzerland:

  1. advice on the types of visas and permits available for EU and non-EU citizens;
  2. assistance in preparing the documents to be filed with the Swiss immigration authorities;
  3. guidance in obtaining temporary or permanent residence or citizenship in Switzerland;
  4. expat support in moving to Switzerland by explaining various legal requirements in Swiss cantons.

Our immigration lawyer in Switzerland will always present you with updated information so that you can prepare accordingly.

Immigrate to Switzerland as an EU citizen

The immigration regulations for EU and non-EU citizens are slightly different which is why it is best to request tailored services for moving to Switzerland no matter your nationality. Our services are provided in accordance with the nationality of the applicant and for EU citizens we can:

  • advise on the types of residence permits available for short and long-term periods;
  • documents preparation for relocating to Switzerland;
  • guidance on business immigration in Switzerland;
  • assistance in applying for permanent residence and citizenship in Switzerland.

If you want to move to Switzerland and need information on your options, our immigration lawyer is at your disposal with details. We can help you gather the documents you need in order to relocate here based on your immigration reasons.

EU citizens benefit from special employment conditions that allow them to commute between Switzerland and their home countries if they do not want to live here and you can obtain relevant information in this sense from our dedicated lawyers.

Move to Switzerland as a non-EU citizen

Switzerland offers several types of residence permits for non-EU citizens. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few European countries to regulate the immigration of non-EU citizens to this extent. If you are a non-EU citizen and plan on immigrating to Switzerland, you can rely on our lawyers for information on the best visa to obtain followed by support in applying for it.

Non-EU citizens have various options if they are interested in immigration in Switzerland and we recommend them to check all the conditions they need to comply with before starting the relocation procedure. We can provide information on:

  • the laws they need to comply with when relocating here;
  • the conditions they need to fulfill based on their nationalities;
  • special treaties between Switzerland and their home countries, if any;
  • documents and interview preparation.

It is not complicated to move to Switzerland as a non-EU citizen, yet the help of an experienced lawyer can make the difference between a quick immigration procedure and a lengthy one. Our immigration lawyers have dedicated a lot of time to helping people from all over the world in relocating to Switzerland which is what recommends them.

Why us?

First of all, because we specialize in immigration solutions in Switzerland. Second of all, we work fast and efficiently, so that you don’t have to wait around for an answer and thus waste precious time. We are committed to offering support to all categories of immigrants; therefore, we are here for you no matter your case.

In order to have an idea about what moving to Switzerland means, here is a timeline of the visa application procedure:

  • in the case of Schengen visa holders, the procedure takes approximately 15 days;
  • in certain cases (such as incorrect or missing papers), the procedure can take 30 to 60 days;
  • at the level of 2020, the application fee is 60 euros or the equivalent in Swiss francs;
  • an additional 60 euros is required in case the application was rejected.

In order to benefit from a quick and correct immigration procedure in Switzerland, please contact us.